About us

Since 1991, Hamex d.o.o. has been filling its numerous clients as well as wide audience with enthusiasm. Unforgetable firework show always gives a special touch to a magnificent event no matter what the occasion might be. We take care for the fireworks in a creative and professional way including all measures of safety.

Beside firework display shows we can arrange also all sorts of pyro-spectacles on stage and indoor fireworks. A long line of different events that we are traditionally preparing the fireworks for, shows the confidence of our respected customers. Also you can become our content customer!

We are connected to the world’s biggest producers of pyrotechnic material and we can offer you all kinds of pyrotechnical products as wholesale as well as retail in our shop “Piromarket” in Ljubljana. Everyone who wants to play with real garden fire on the safest possible way is invited to visit us.


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Aleš Ham, general manager ales.ham@hamex.si
Barbara Ham, director assistant barbara.ham@hamex.si
Bojan Medved, Head of Service Quality bojan.medved@hamex.si