General terms and conditions


We are a company for planning, designing and executing fireworks displays as we are a manufacturer, with our own production of professional fireworks, our magic stats with creating an effect.

Fireworks displays are planned and executed for every budget and occasion. With wide range of effects and colours, we create unforgettable pyrotechnical experience. We perform for the large public events as well as for civil ceremonies, events such as weddings, anniversaries, various memorials, openings, etc. We can design beautiful classic fireworks with analogue ignition, digital fireworks, stage pyrotechnics or we can create a magical display synchronized with music so called pyro musical. With more than 25 years of experience, knowledge and our enthusiasm, we advise you to determine the optimal fireworks location, size, colours and effects that with suit the event and make it most memorable. We always strive to make the display safe and attractive. The safety clearance from the launcher to the viewer will thus be at least 30m. We are environmentally aware.

The price of fireworks depends on the type of products used, the calibre and, of course, the intensity of the firework itself, ranging from 200 € / minute to 3,000 € / minute. The three-minute fireworks can therefore cost from € 1,000 to € 2,500, so please let us know the amount of funds available. When shooting fireworks display, the presence of a local fire brigade team is required, which guarantees fire safety. We can also provide fire department; rental costs can amounts to approx. € 80.

We can set on various locations; we also prepare a real fire spectacle on water, as we have nine of our own pontoons. We use them at sea, on lakes and quiet rivers.

In fireworks display, we mainly install pyrotechnical products from our own production based on Italian know-how and Japanese colour changing shells. We also can add some Chinese products. In addition to pure colour, the difference between the Chinese is also in the very effect. Chinese bombs are simple round chrysanthemums, our fireworks produced according to the recipes of “temperamental” countries are polyps, butterflies, crowns, crowns with pistils, the famous multi-break shells (stutatas, fermatas), the titanium added to the colours makes it brighter more vivid. We also prepare burning inscriptions in any colour, such as flying colours, names, logos, characters … If you have arquest for noise free items we can provide them also. We are ecologically oriented, therefore the remains of our fireworks in nature quickly become self-degrading (paper, cardboard, hemp rope). Our specialty are displays synchronized with music. It really brings out the emotions as we add music to the stunning effects.  The minimum amount for such fireworks is 4,000 € for approx. 5 minutes. Examples of such fireworks displays can be seen on our video channels:

A prerequisite for a good “pyromusical” is a good sound system at the venue.

Making fireworks displays is an art and cannot be measured or weighed or compared to competitive bidding. About our quality speak our references, there is hardly a Slovenian place where did not already shoot a display at some point. Under “topical”, announcements and videos have already been made of major fireworks.

Company and our pyrotechnics have all the necessary licenses and certificates for performing fireworks displays. Of course, we have insurance for liability for damages.




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